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[OOC] Craft Skill and Inventing Spells: Example [Jun. 8th, 2010|11:24 am]
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I belatedly realize that I should have made my post on the matter in this community, rather than my personal journal, but the short version is: Rather than have the caster's craft skill be involved in making something, have the spell inventor very carefully work their art into the actual pattern of the spell, thus using their skill (at the time) rather than the caster's(whenever it's cast).

Thus, a very excellent Rassimel baker who also had a significant hobby in magic theory produced this spell, with which she might spread her wares(if far from her best) even to those on the road, and, indeed, get some advertisement every time the spell was cast:

Melancthe's Marvellous Muffins - CrSuHr 5
Conjure P/5 small but moderately tasty muffins, as prepared by a baker of 20 10 Cooking skill. The herb-laced muffins are made with only Herbador materials, and are safe for anyone to eat(except that they will make Sleeth sick). A single muffin will be a filling meal for a Zi Ri; anyone else will likely find one muffin to be a light snack. The muffins thus produced are always the same; if you want a different flavour of muffin, buy a different flavour of spell. [Range: short, Speed: build, Dur: real, Resist: N/A]

Though not particularly useful as an adventurer skill(you don't get that much food for your power), they are good muffins. The spell also adds some, um... fla spi variety to a campaign.