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[OOC] Sample "Tree-mage" experience package [Mar. 24th, 2010|03:53 am]
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The one that was mentioned last year... didn't really work for me; so many points put here and there, rather than the concentrated study involved in some similar experience packages. It also felt like a package of adventure experience, rather than civilian, by way of including weapon skills and Ruloc(while useful, much of the value in RuHr is in aggressive spells; Carry the Log and Sort the Soil are very situational).

So this one is patterned off the "Smith experience" advantage(though with more spells, since Herbador spells are generally less restricted than the Durudor ones(edit - the spells are patterned more after Healer's Guild Training, with similar effects due to entailed guild membership).

Tree-mage experience (+3 Advantage)

You worked for four years as a tree-mage and woodworker, the practical, everyday application of Herbador to the everyday life of primes, probably as an apprentice or journeyman. This covers mostly peacetime uses of the art, rather than hostile or adventuresome ones. You learned:
  • Cley Base (20 exp)

  • Herbador (30 exp)

  • Creoc (15 exp)

  • Destroc (15 exp)

  • Mutoc (15 exp)

  • Sustenoc (15 exp)

  • Woodworking (40 exp)

You learned the Herbador spells Hole and Peg, Ethereal Plane, Fix the Sticks, Bend the Stick, Unburning Wood, and one cplx 10 or two cplx 5 additional woodworking spells; you can purchase additional woodworking spells for half the Advantage cost. These must be spells with use in peaceful society - Thorn Beetle is valid(as a useful animated servant to carry things around, pull ploughs, etc), The Spiral Spear(the main purpose of which is to render something useless) is not. You may take this Advantage multiple times, choosing one cplx 15, two cplx 10, or four cplx 5 spells(or one cplx 10 and two cplx 5) with each additional four years of experience. You are a member of your local Tree-mage's guild(or, if one exists in your area, a more extensive such guild), though probably not a master, and should pay dues.

  • I went with the larger selection of spells, compared to the advantage I drew from(or e.g. Healer's Guild Training), because there are a good number of useful Herbador cantrips, but not so many that are of clear value, "must have" spells above complexity 10.

  • I was thinking of including more spells, but e.g. Make a Stick, although specifically mentioned in the book as useful to a carpenter(and thus probably having a Sustenoc variant), is not going to be the preferred way of doing things; the tree-mage simply won't have enough cley(and the created wood would be harder to work with spells). Instead I focused on things that are difficult or time-consuming to do without magic - things which are a sound investment of cley even in daily use. Reshaping wood, fireproofing, and instantly mending a broken wood item are things that would separate mages from carpenters that work mostly by hand; and planing and joinery are time-consuming but essential tasks to the discipline. Instead, the would-be tree-mage can choose her own specialty by means of the additional spells she learns. A dedicated carpenter might take Ethereal Drill and Carry the Log; one who makes small crafts might take The Wizard Whittles and Shape the Meng Nut; and so on, getting more distinct with each additional bucket of experience.

Thoughts? Decent? Or is it a bit overbalanced? (I personally don't think so - it gets more spells than the smith experience pack, but those spells are easier to get in the first place, and there's also no included chance of raising an attribute.)